I folded my first origami paper crane in second grade after reading the story of Sadako and the 1,000 Paper Cranes for a class assignment. It is a story that many of us read as children, but we often forget the message that is desperately tries to tell as we get older… A story of hibakusha suffering, Sadako’s story has become one urging peace and understanding from the level of those on the ground.

I attended a program in Hiroshima (Hiroshima and Peace 2009) and the stories I heard and the people I met have had a profound effect on me. I started brainstorming how I could contribute to the project of peace. So in my spare time, I fold little cranes that I can send on each anniversary of the bombing. Origami is so simple and yet the message is so powerful. When people see a paper crane, they immediately stop and remember Sadako's story.

So since this initial project, my origami journey continued and it branched into all kinds of directions. I opened a small shop online to try and sell my origami jewelry creations. After little success, I tried my hand at folding origami paper dolls and bookmarks. My hope is that I can continually create and bring the joy of simple paper folding to others around the world.


I also run a small graphic design shop! Please stop by http://www.zibbet.com/origraphix if you need some fresh and modern graphics.

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